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Tucker Productions

”Station Break” sung by the Skipjacks

In 1963, Tucker produced a series of jingles sung by a New York group called the Skipjacks. These jingles replaced all the jingles that had been in use on the station at the time, mainly PAMS Series 15, 17 & 18, Ullman “Wonderful” and the Futuresonic Time and Temperature jingles.  These are  just a small sample provided by Don Williams and a few taken from air checks. There were plenty of others including one for each minute of the day and every possible temperature for Miami used for the automated time and temperature.
(Thanks to Jay Marks for providing the producer and name of these jingles)

Click here to read the Miami Herald article titled “WQAM Proud of It’s New Musical Image”

  1. Charlie Murdock Show
  2. Intelligence Center News
  3. Marvelous A-OK
  4. Pulsebeat News at :25
  5. Radar Weather Report
  6. Temperature 80 Degrees
  7. Temperature 92 Degrees
  8. Temperature Too Darn Hot
  9. Tiger Radio Good Guys
  10. Tiger Radio In Miami
  11. Scoreboard
  12. Time 2:29
  13. Time 5:15
  14. Time 7:00
  15. Time 9:02
  16. Time 12:23 (From air check)
  17. Traffic
  18. WQAM
  19. WQAM Miami
  20. Club News (From air check)
  21. High School Hall Of Fame (From air check)
  22. Instrumental 1
  23. Instrumental 2
  24. Instrumental 3
  25. Instrumental 4


This sample is incomplete. If you have any of these, please contact me. Email: WQAM@560.com

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