PAMS Series 27 Header


1. Where the Action Is

Wonderful WQAM Where the action is

2. Positive Charge

You get a positive charge out of Wonderful WQAM

3. Surfin'

(Surf) Wonderful WQAM

4. Jet Set Sig

Wonderful WQAM

5. Golden Classic (a)
    Golden Classic (b)

Time now for Tiger Flasback Wonderful WQAM
Remember this golden gasser Wonderful WQAM

6. Sports In Action (a)
    Sports In Action (b)

Wonderful WQAM with sports in action
Wonderful WQAM now salutes ...

7. Motor Boat

(Motorboat) 5-6-0 WQAM (pad)

8. Sig Plus (a)
    Sig Plus (b)
    Sig Plus (c)
    Sig Plus (d)

Wonderful WQAM in Miami
Wonderful WQAM with more music
Wonderful WQAM with the weather
Wonderful WQAM the magic city

9. Fastest Thing In the Air

The greatest thing in the air Wonderful WQAM

10. Weather Checker (a)

     Weather Checker (b)

Wonderful WQAM brings you news of the weather watch from the radar one  weather tower
Wonderful WQAM where you hear all the music first with Miami's most happy fellas

11. Hit From the Future (a)

     Hit From the Future (b)

Let's look into the future time a tiger tune that's gonna climb breaking with the hit of tomorrow Wonderful WQAM
You've found the sound that's really big it's 5-6-0 that you will dig rated number one in Miami Wonderful WQAM

12. Bubble Sig

Wonderful WQAM

13. Dateline Music (a)
      Dateline Music (b)

The one and only Wonderful WQAM where the weather is news
You heard it first on Wonderful WQAM where the music is news

14. X K E Special

(Race car) Wonderful WQAM

15. Skyliner

(Instrumental redo making Wonderful WQAM with 'ah-ah-ah' sounds)

16. It's a Blast

Wonderful WQAM It's a blast

17. T G I F

It's number one the sound of Miami Wonderful WQAM

18. Weekend ID

Live this weekend where the action is Wonderful WQAM

19. Weekend Special

In Miami we pamper people so plan your weekend with music and us
(pad) You'll find good sounds radiate around Wonderful WQAM

20. Morning Go Sig

Good morning the world is bright and new. Sit tight you're always right with Wonderful WQAM

21. You're a Winner

(Pad) You're a winner with Wonderful WQAM

WQAM Jingles Needed!!!

I am looking for the following WQAM jingle packages. I will trade for them or pay cash for dubs.
If you have ANY WQAM jingles (or other prduction or airchecks) please contact me:

WQAM_email_circle  Email: WQAM@560.com

  • PAMS Series 17 "The New Frontier" (I am missing many cuts, especially the instrumental cuts.)
  • PAMS Series 18 "Sonosational" (I am missing many of the instrumental cuts.)
  • PAMS Series 25B "The Happy Difference" Sonovox version. (I need the entire package).
  • PAMS Series 25D "Cheerleaders" Sung with Male vocals (I need the entire package)
  • PAMS Series 28 "Happiness Is" (Missing several cuts.)
  • Ullman "Onederful" (I need the entire package)
  • Futursonic or CRC Time and Temperature Jingles (Used in the early sixties for the automation     (I need all)
  • Pepper "Fun" (I need the entire package)
  • CRC Christmas Series (I need the entire package)
  • The 1963 package of jingles sung by a group called the Skipjacks. It may have been a series called "Station Break" by Tucker productions. There are over 1000 cuts including a complete set of time and temperature jingles replacing the Futursonic jingles.






WQAM_email_circle  Email: WQAM@560.com

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