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Coral Gables High

Yay Coral Gables! Coral Gables! We're the Cavaliers and we must say that WQAM digs crimson and gray. Yay Team!

Palmetto High

Yay Panthers! Palmetto Columbia blue and white. Palmetto kids delight. Palmetto we got the swingingest cats in sight. Panthers! Here's the station that's in the know. WQAM 5-6-0. Diggin' Palmetto Panthers!

Fort Lauderdale High

Fort Lauderdale High blue and white. Flash bam, alakazam. Gee what a noisy fight. The Flying L's sound that way, fightin' with all their might. WQAM is a bell-ringer, ringin' that bell for a humdinger. Fort Lauderdale High Flying L's!

Hialeah High

Yay! Hialeah Thoroughbreds. Royal blue and scarlet will never be misled. These colors are really wed to the Hialeah Thoroughbreds. Yay! We got a swingin' crew, singing and a swingin' in whatever we do. WQAM is way out ahead with the Hialeah Thoroughbreds. Yay!

Stranahan High

Fort Lauderdale Stranahan. We're the Dragons cast of any plan. Orange and blue man oh man. We're the Dragons. Our tales are waggin'. About us WQAM is Braggin'. Orange! Blue! Dragons!

South Broward High

South Broward! High School! Yay Bulldogs! A victory will unfold for the red and gold and WQAM's glad we all enrolled. Red and gold. Bulldogs. We're swingin' and singin'.  South Broward High School bells are ringin'.

Christopher Columbus High

Blue! White! Christopher Columbus High School really can fight. Columbus High School fight for the blue and white. Tune to WQAM. They dig the Explorers. Yay, we're diggin' you too. Christopher Columbus High. Christopher Columbus High. Yay, Explorers!

Miami Central High

Count those Rockets flyin' by. Rockets! Green and white high in the sky, Rockets. Fly  with Miami Central High's Rockets. Miami Central High, do or die. It's easy as pie, the victory cry, WQAM is flyin' with Miami Central High. Rockets!

Curley High

Yay, Knights! Curley High orange and white, we fight and fight. For the Knights we live life right both day and night. Dig this swingin' group, what a pair. WQAM and Curley's orange and white Knight's. Curley High's Knights. WQAM and Curley's Knights.

Miami Beach High

Everybody at WQAM goes for Miami Beach High. Everyone knows the High Tides are swingers. Me oh my. Scarlet and silver High Tides will win for Miami Beach. Yay, High Tides!

Miami Military High

Miami Military. Yay, Cadets! Cadets in red and white. A Swingin' bunch that really can fight. Miami Military red and white. Cadets! On your mark, get set, ready, go! WQAM knows we'll really go.

South Dade High

Yay, Rebels! We've a school no one can defy. We attend South Dade High. WQAM will fly high in the sky. 'tis with a good word about South Dade High. Blue! Gray! Yay Rebels!

Southwest High

We are the Eagles from Southwest High. Flyin' around to win that's why. WQAM is the Eagles nest. 5-6-0 says we're the best. Purple and white Eagles from Southwest High.  Purple! White! Eagles! Yay, Eagles!

North Miami High

East! West! South! North Miami High School's here to stay. WQAM goes all the way for the North Miami Pioneers green and gray.

Edison High

Beating on a tom-tom, write it in smoke. We've got the spirit and we're goin' for broke. Cause we're the Red Raiders of Edison High., Liftin' our voices straight to the sky for the red and white will fight to the end and whoop it up with WQAM.

Miami High

Miami High blue and gold. We're the Stingarees. WQAM is sold on the Stingarees blue and gold. Yay, Stingarees!

Norland High

Yay! We're the Vikings maroon and gray. We're always swingin' night and day. We got the pep at Norland High. We're on our way now right up to the sky. WQAM digs the Vikings sailin' by.

Pinecrest High

Fort Lauderdale Pinecrest. We're the Panthers and we're the best. We'll always fight for the green and white. For WQAM cheers for us day and night. Panthers!

MacArthur High

MacArthur High School is the best. MacArthur's Mustangs pass any test. WQAM says we're the end when we shout this victory cry. Green and white Mustangs. MacArthur High. Fight!

Miami Jackson High

Miami green and gold are the colors of the big and bold Generals. Miami Jackson Generals. Generals! The station that's for us to the end is 5-6-0 WQAM!

Thanks to Jeffrey T.Mason and David Barras for this copy of Series 15A

WQAM Jingles Needed!!!

I am looking for the following WQAM jingle packages. I will trade for them or pay cash for dubs.
If you have ANY WQAM jingles (or other prduction or airchecks) please contact me:

WQAM_email_circle  Email: WQAM@560.com

  • PAMS Series 17 "The New Frontier" (I am missing many cuts, especially the instrumental cuts.)
  • PAMS Series 18 "Sonosational" (I am missing many of the instrumental cuts.)
  • PAMS Series 25B "The Happy Difference" Sonovox version. (I need the entire package).
  • PAMS Series 25D "Cheerleaders" Sung with Male vocals (I need the entire package)
  • PAMS Series 28 "Happiness Is" (Missing several cuts.)
  • Ullman "Onederful" (I need the entire package)
  • Futursonic or CRC Time and Temperature Jingles (Used in the early sixties for the automation     (I need all)
  • Pepper "Fun" (I need the entire package)
  • CRC Christmas Series (I need the entire package)
  • The 1963 package of jingles sung by a group called the Skipjacks. It may have been a series called "Station Break" by Tucker productions. There are over 1000 cuts including a complete set of time and temperature jingles replacing the Futursonic jingles.






WQAM_email_circle  Email: WQAM@560.com

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