Cut Cut Name Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 All of It KLIF 1190 (full sig) goes all the way KFJZ
2 All Pro team Ken Dowe and KLIF (1/2 sig) WAKR
3 Plays It All (General) KLIF 1190 (full sig) plays it all (general) KISN
4 Plays It All (Country) KLIF (1/2 sig) (instrumental 1/2 sig) plays it all (country) WAYS
5 Plays It All (Soul) KLIF (1/2 sig) plays it all (soul) KOIL
6 All the Weather All the weather KLIF (1/2 sig) KLZ
7 All the Best Commercials KLIF (1/2 sig) with all the best commercials WNDR
8 Beautiful People Yours truly WHB for beautiful people WXYZ
9 Double Impression KLIF 1190 (repeat, full sig) 4BH
10 All the News (Pad, electronic 1/2 sig) KOZA
11 Peyt Goes All the Way KLIF (instrumental 1/2 sig echoed) 1190 goes all the way WIFE
12 Number One (Electronic 1/2 sig. then Sonovox) number one, number one KLIF
13 Community Involvement (Instrumental pad) Big D's KLIF (1/2 sig) goes all out for one and for all KPUR
14 Reverse Sig 1190 KLIF WKIX
15 All Summer KLIF 1190, all summer long, all summer long (last 1/2 sig subliminal) KQWB
16 Classic W-WHB (1/2 sig) all time classic WGAR
17 Half & Half KLIF 1190 6KY
18 Double Parking Put your hand on the radio baby. Grabs you where it sounds real good. KLIF 1190 (full sig) music all the way WESY
19 Pick Hit WHB (1/2 sig) picks this hit to go all the way WHBB
20 Slow Impression KLIF (a capella first 1/2 sig) 1190 KRIO
21 All Weekend WHB yours truly, all the way this weekend WKND
22 All the Way With ??? KLIF hand shaking, back slapping, baby kissing, flag waving, mother loving, 1190 (chorus repeats) KWOC