Cut Title Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 Repeat Power Pow, power 77 WABC, music pow, pow, power KBPI-FM
2 Brucie Power Brucie pow, power WKNR
3 Backbeat Power 77 WABC, pow, pow, power music 2UE
4 More Music Power More music power, WABC WAAY
5 Dizzy Power Music pow, pow, power 77 WABC BBC1
6 Another Hour of Power 77 WABC, anopther hour of music pow, pow, power WGH
7 Crazy Rhythm Music pow, power 77 WABC CKCK
8 Soul Power, C Version 77 with the power of music WABC CKCK
9 Panic Power 77 WABC pow, more music, pow, pow, power WATV
10 10th Dimension Music power, 77 New York, WABC number one WRFC
11 Trip, C Version 77 Music power, WABC music power WFOM
12 DJ Intros (There is no actual cut 12. It was just used as the header for the next 4 cuts)
13 Chuck Leonard Chuck, music power, Leonard WFIL
14 Bob-a-Lou Music, Bob-a-Lou, pow, pow, power WAKR
15 Dan Ingram Dan Ingram, music pow, pow, power XM
16 Roby Yonge Roby Yonge, music power WNAP
17 Power to You Power to you baby. Yes, the power of music in New York, 77 WABC, music pow, pow, power WUST
18 Are You Listening Are you listening?, Let me tell ya, groovin' around the town and searchin' up and down with music p-p-power 77 W power ABC KLIF
19 Power Pack WABC Power pack, pack, pack WING
20 Half Fast WABC WFOM
21 "C" Power WABC music power WGAR
22 Love Love, love, 77 WABC KBPI-FM