Cut Cut Name Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 For Openers* Music lovin' Cousin Brucie WABC 2UE
2 A Capella half of Sig and Theme 77 music power WING
3 "B" Power* WABC music power KFJZ
4 Half Power* WABC WLS
5 Yesterday (A Capella)* 77 yesterplay WING
6 Music City Special This is WABC in (City), music city KILT
7 Full Power* WAKA
8 Scat Power 77 music power KGA
9 Half and Half* 77 WAB-C CJCH
10 10th Dimension* Music power 77 (City) WABC KLIF
11 "A" Power* 77 music power WBBF
12 Timpani 77 music power KOVO
13 Sonopella Gold 77 solid gold WAAY
14 Strong WABC comin' on strong with music KTRN
15 Half Fast* WAB music C WSGN
16 With Love* KQWB
17 "C" Power WABC music power WNAP
18 A Capella Weather 77 weather, weather, weather BBC Radio One
19 Multi-Power (A Capella) 77 multiple music power WING
20 Gliss Power 77 music power CKCK
21 Power Pick* Here's the WABC power pick WPTR
22 String Power 77 music power WABC KGA
23 Power Pack WABC power pack KLOU-FM
24 Brass Trailer 77 music power WKBA
25 More Soul* Soul Music CHUM
26 Love Song* WABC is simply, madly, divinely, happily, completely in love, in love with music WBBF