Cut Cut Name Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 Mind Off Turn your mind off, baby, feel the fun vibrations of (Sig), it's fun WDVH
2 Winchester A vo de o do, (Sig) a vo de o do KFJZ
3 Fun - DJ Names in Coloursonics   WFUN
4 Barbershop Fun We love to sing that lovely melody, (Sig) WHB
5 Fun Capitol (Sig), the fun capitol of fun city KLOU
6 Megaphone Music (Sig) (Megaphone solo) WUBE
7 Jack's Fun (Sig) just for fun WHYN
8 Production Promo (Sig), (Sig), fun vibrations WHB
9 First Half Sig Fun (first half sig) fun WNDR
10 Last Half Sig Fun (Last half sig) fun WNDR
11 Short Full Sig Fun (Sig), (City) WNDR
12 Ain't No Need Ain't no need tellin' you why, you just simply got to fly (Sig), ah hah KQWB
13 Vocal Coloursonic ID Fun (Call) WAVZ
14 Signature ID In Coloursonic Effect (Sig) KIOA
15 City Go Round It's a merry go round of (City) fun, (Sig), it's fun WKGN
16 Fun In the Middle (First half Sig) fun (Last half Sig) WHAT
17 New York Girls (City) girls are lost of fun with (Sig) CKGM
18 Surfin' Fun ID Surfin' fun...(Sig) WAVZ
19 Laugh Trumpet and male redo WJET
20 Chicken 40 ID Chicken type redo WCOL
21 Big Poppa Big poppa gonna treat you right, (Sig), let's have some fun CKGM
22 Just For Fun (Sig) WGH
23 Love ID (Sig), the love of (City) WJIM
24 Fun Is Fun Is (10 second pad) (Sig) KOMA
25 Choo Choo Boom (First half Sig) Fun (last half coloursonics) WYSL
26 Sig Fun (Sig) fun WHAT
27 Custom City (Eight voice a capella with special lyrics for each individual city up to 10 seconds in length) WFUN
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