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TRELLA:  Swiszle, let the good times roll
    Swiszle, oh, let it fill your soul
    Excitement and there's plenty of
    C'mon now and be where all the people be
    Let the good times roll ...
GUYS:   (Full Sig)
TRELLA: Swiszle  !
TRELLA:  Good Timer GUYS: (Full Sig) KEYS
TRELLA:  In (City)  (either 1/2 sig)  Goes with women KEYN
GUYS:  (part of first half sig)
TRELLA: Good  Swiszle
GUYS:  (rest of first half sig)
TRELLA: It's  morning
GUYS: (last 1/2 sig)
TRELLA:  Let the good times roll
    Get it in your soul
    Let's have some good time fun
    Get to groovin' on down – on down
    C'mon – c'mon, we're gonna get it on
   Look here now
GUYS & TRELLA:   (Full Sig)   
GUYS:   (Full Sig) (last 1/2 sig) WYCL
TRELLA:  Rise and Swiszle
GUYS & TRELLA: With   (Full Sig)
TRELLA:   Hums  full  sig
GUYS & TRELLA:    (Full Sig)
SONOVOX: Thrilling
GUYS:  Do bee,  do do wah, (Full Sig)
GANG:   (Full Sig) KOLE
GUYS:  (either 1/2 sig)
TRELLA: Yeah,  (either 1/2 sig)
GUYS & TRELLA:  Makes the weekend scene swiszle
GUYS & TRELLA:  (City)'s number one
TRELLA:   (Full Sig)
GUYS :  (City)'s number one
TRELLA: Swiszle!
GUYS & TRELLA: (either 1/2 sig) Swiszle! WBBQ
TRELLA:  (either 1/2 sig)
GUYS & TRELLA:  Good Time Climber
GUYS:  (either 1/2 sig) Hit Time Tunnel  (pad) WHB
GUYS: (1st 1/2 sig)
TRELLA: Swiszle
GUYS: (last 1/2 sig)
GUYS:  (either 1/2 sig)  (electronic news theme)  WING
TRELLA:  We're gonna get it up tight
    Everything is gonna be all right
    Gotta have a good time now
    C'mon along and find out how
   (1st 1/2 sig)
GUYS: (last 1/2 sig)
TRELLA: Swiszle!
GUYS:     (Full Sig) CHUM
GUYS:  Goin' Home – Goin' Home With (Full Sig) WAAY
SONOVOX: (Part of sig)
TRELLA:  (Part of sig)
SMAP:  (Part of sig)
GUYS:  (Rest of sig)
GUYS:  (either 1/2 sig)  Sports TRELLA: More  Music WHYN
GUYS:  (either 1/2 sig)
TRELLA:  Plays big number
GUYS:  10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3
SONOVOX:  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  …
(electronic theme)
GUYS:  (either 1/2 sig)  Weather Word
SONOVOX:  Rain  … Rain  … Rain  … Rain  … Rain  …
GUYS:  (either 1/2 sig)  (either 1/2 sig) (pad) WMEX
GUYS:   (Full Sig)   (City) KELP