Cut Cut Name Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 Middle Name Promo (Sonovox) Music (pad) music (Vocal group) That's our middle name, (1st half of sig) (Sonovox) Music(Vocal group) (Last half of sig) WAAY
2 A Capella (Full Sig) KFJZ
3 A Capella (First half of sig) Yesterday WAKY
4 A Capella Much more (1/2 sig) music KFJZ
5 A Capella (Either half of sig) KOMA
6 A Capella (1/2 sig) Exclusive WKNR
7 A Capella (1/2 sig) Weather WNOX
8 A Capella (DJ Names) WHB
9 Reverse Sig (Last half of sig) (First half of sig) 6KY
10 Now (1/2 sig) music now KBTR
11 Yeth Thur (City's) (1/2 sig) Yeth Thur CHUM
12 More Music More music (1/2 sig) London
13 Morning Music Much more music every morning, (Sig) WICE
14 Much More Much more (1/2 sig) music WKYC
15 Bass Sig (String bass doing Full Sig) KSEL
16 More Music More People More and more people hear more and more music on (Sig) KQV
17 Salute (1/2 sig) star spangled salute WCOL
18 Out O' Sight (1/2 sig) out o' sight KXOK
19 Pretty Sig (Vocal group) Music lovin
(Sax) (1/2 sig with tenor sax)
(Vocal group) (1/2 sig)
20 Non-Stop Flight (Freq) (1/2 sig) non-stop music KEED
21 Full (1/2 sig) full of music WTTO
22 Top Down (Word x 4) the top down sound of (Full Sig) WSAI
23 Music Sig (Vocal group) (1/2 sig)
(Sonovox) Music
(Vocal group) (1/2 sig x 2)
24 Stripper (Full Sig with trumpet) WKAZ
25 City Sound (A capella) The (City)
(With band) (1/2 sig)
(Sonovox) Music
(Vocal group) (1/2 sig)
26  Middle Name Promo (Edit) (Sonovox) Music (Vocal group) That's our middle name, (1/2 sig) (Sonovox) Music (Vocal group) (1/2 sig) KILT