Cut Cut Name Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 You're Alive You're alive, you're "n" with the on set (Full Sig) KEYN
2 It's What's Happenin' First half of Sig) (pad) (2nd half of Sig) It's what's happenin' CFPL
3 Zap!!! Fuzz tone instrumental (Tom-O-Vox saying Zap!!!) KONO
4 Weather The weather is "n" (either half of sig) WPTR
5 He's On Uh! Huh! He's the top cat, (DJ Name) WSGN
6 Strikes Gold (Either half of sig) strikes gold KORL
7 Twin Spin (either half of sig) twin spin WIBG
8 French Sig (Tom-O-Vox) What's new, pussycat?
(Vocal group)  (Full Sig in French)
(Tom-O-Vox) Mais, oui!
9 German Sig (Tom-O-Vox) Vot's happenin,' pussycat?
(Vocal group)  (Full Sig in German)
(Tom-O-Vox) Das gut!
(Vocal group) ha ha ha ha
10 Spanish Sig (Tom-O-Vox) What's on, pussycat?
(Vocal group)  (Full Sig in Spanish)
(Tom-O-Vox) Ol�!
11 Woman with a Man in Mind (DJ Name), for the woman with a man in mind on WABC (Full Sig) WKBW
12 Super Pick You're "n" on the (either half of sig) super pick (pad) WEAM
13 New Twist (Vocal Group) Here's a new twist on an old tail
(Tom-O-Vox) (Growl)…. (Full Sig) (growl)
14 She's "N" (Vocal group) She's "n," she's a (either half of sig) gold pussycat (pad optional) WDGY
15 Yeah, Yeah (either half of sig) yeah, yeah, yeah KFWB
16 Power Cat (Full Sig) WAYS
17 Scoreboard (either half of sig) presents the All American scoreboard KFJZ
18 "N" Sound for the On Set "N" wow, yeah, the "N" sound for the on set, (First half of sig) yeah! (Last half of sig) KOMA
19 What's New Pussycat (Instrumental piano sig followed by crash) WGH
20 What's New Pussycat
(Tom-O-Vox Version)
(Tom-O-Vox) (Full Sig) (crash) WSAI
21 Top Cat He's the (1/2 sig) All American top cat ooooh! WCOS
22 Beat It "N" (Full Sig) WTIX
23 Kitty Galore (Full Sig) KEYS
24 It's Number One (City), here it is, it's number one one one one, one one one one, one one WTIX
25 Weekend (Short) Wow! What a weekend with  (Full Sig) wow, wow, wow! WHB
26  Weekend (Long) (Tom-O-Vox) Won't you come on "N"
(Mixed chorus) Won't you come on "N"
(Tom-O-Vox) The weekend's fine
(Mixed chorus) The weekend's fine (Long Pad)
(Mixed chorus) You're gonna be there, there's gonna be a happenin' at (Tom-O-Vox) (1/2 sig)
(Mixed chorus) (last half of sig)
27 Uh-Uh-Huh! (Full Sig), uh, uh, huh! KXOK
28 Super Sound The super sound of (City) (Full Sig) KRIO
29 "N" Town (Full Sig)…the "N" sound, for the "N" town, (City), first "N" the U.S. of A WAYS