Cut Cut Name Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 Go Go Promo (Not supposed to be a redo - but some stations did have it) KFJZ
2 Swing a Nova In (City) it's the one (Sig) on the go go 2SM
3 Go Sig Radio au go go (Sig) Altoona
4 Number One In (City), it's number one KASH
4a Number 1 (short version) In (City), it's number one (without ending pad) WABA
5 Go Go DJ He's au go go (DJ Name) (Sig) KYA
6 Scores (1/2 sig) scores again WXYZ
7 Yosemite Ya hoo (Sig) aw c'mon horse, whoa… KOMA
8 A.M. Time to get up get out of bed, fill your cup and get ahead with (Sig) KFJZ
9 Salute (1/2 sig) tips its transmitter to (pad) he's a real go go getter WCOL
10 Go Go Team (Pad) the All American go go team is on (Sig) KQV
10a Go Go Team (short version) The All American go go team is on (Sig) WTLB
11 News News comes first on WABC (1/2 sig) WHB
12 Charge Go go (Sig) KOIL
13 Rain Dance (Girl solo doing sig over rain dance) KXOK
14 Wherever You Go Wherever you go, go go with (Sig) go go WGH
15 Banner Line News (1/2 sig) banner line news WSAI
16 Go Go Church (Male voices doing the sig) WTIX
17 Hit Line International From (Sig) hit line International (pad) KBOX
18 Weather (1/2 sig) weather break WDGY
19 Show You'll win, let's go go with (Sig) KOZA
20 Hit (Sig) picks this hit to go go go go WAYS
21 Discovery (Sig) a go go go discovery KXOK
22 Contrast (Sig) WHB
23 Scat Sig (Sig) WABB
24 Split Sig (1/2 sig) radio au go go (1/2 sig) KSEL
25 Sig Go Go (Sig) go go WFLA
26 Merry Go Go Round You're on the (City) merry go go round (pad), (Sig) KILT