Cut Cut Name Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 Get Happy (Male solo) Hey, look alive! Everything lights up, makes you wanta shout. Talk about happiness, that's what we're talkin' about (hums), money won't bring you happiness but we know who will (first half Sig) Yeah! (full Sig) come on, now! Smile! Get happy! Yeah! Tune in and turn on! KOMA
2 Good Morning (Girls) Good morning (Boys) Good morning
(Group) Everything looks good when you open your eyes with (Last half of Sig)
3 Weather Wise (First half of Sig) keeps you weather wise.
(Optional use of first of second half Sig, station's choice)
4 School Daze (Girls) School days, (pad) readin' and writin' and 'rithmetic, taught to the tune of (girls hum full Sig) (pad) KFJZ
5 Kiss Off Trumpet instrumental redo a la Al Hirt with full Sig WAYS
6 Record Recall (Second half of Sig) is happy with this super hit (pad) KXOK
7 Waltz Me (Full Sig) WIBG
8 Spirit (Girl) Who's got it?
(Group) We've got it!
(Girl) Who's got the spirit?
(Group) We've got the spirit!
(Unison group) C…A…L…L… (call letters) Yeah!
(Tympani and drum talk-over pad optional)
9 Stomper Banjo and alto sax instrumental redo with full Sig WDGY
10 Boss Sig (Full Sig) KOMA
11 Public Service (Full Sig) is always happy to be of service WGH
12 Party (Pad) we're having a party at (Full Sig) (pad)
(Talkover pad of additional :30 seconds optional)
13 Parade Bell and whistle instrumental redo with full Sig WTIX
14 Happiness is a Thing (Group hums over pad)
(Male solo) Happiness is a thing called (Full Sig)
15 Happy Distance The happiest distance between two points (full Sig) KELP
16 Before and After (Old time first half with or without filter) (Full Sig) WDGY
17 Welcome Mat So you're new in town, we're so happy to have you around (Full Sig) KYMN
18 Last Weekend (First half of Sig) makes the week go fast, makes the weekend last and last, (Last half of Sig) CHUM
19 Sounds Like Fun Sounds like fun on (First half of Sig) We're so happy at (Last half of Sig) (long pad with harmonica fill for talkover) UBN
20 Type It (Girls type call letters) C.A.L.L. (Last half of Sig) spells happiness WHYZ
21 Time Anytime is a good time on (Last half of Sig) KAYC
22 Get Happy (Girl solo) If you're feelin' down
(Group) Come on and get happy with (Full Sig)
23 Double Talk (Chipmunks scat sing between call letters)
(Group and chipmunks) (Full Sig)
24 Double 12 12 String guitar instrumental redo with full Sig KNUZ
25 Number One (First half of Sig) number one…one…one (echo) KLIF
26 Chaser Instrumental redo of Full Sig WGH
27 Everybody Everybody…everybody is happy with (Full Sig) KOL
28 Happiness Is Happiness is (pad) and (Full Sig) WIST
29 Break-Up #1 (First half of Sig) (pad) (Last half of Sig) KOMA
30 Break-Up #2 (Full Sig minus last word or character) (pad) (Last word or character) KXOK