Cut Cut Name Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 Where the Action Is (Sig) where the action is KELI
2 Positive Charge You get a positive (eek) charge out of (Sig) KELP
3 Surfin' (Pad) (Sig) (pad) KOMA
4 Jet Set Sig (Sig) (pad) KILT
5 Golden Classic Remember this golden classic, (Sig) KRIZ
6 Sports in Action (Sig) with sports in action KLEO
7 Motor Boat (Pad) (Sig) KXOK
8 Sig Plus (Sig) (Any phrase) KFJZ
9 Fastest Thing in the Air The fastest thing in the air (Sig) KALO
10 Weather Checker (Sig) brings you up to the minute reports from the ionospheric weather checker KQV
11 Hit from the Future Let's look into the future time, pick the tune that's gonna climb, breaking with the sound of tomorrow (Sig) KOLE
12 Bubble Sig (Pad, diving board sounds) Wheeee (Sig) KIMN
13  Dateline Music The one and only (Sig) where the music is news (electronic musical pad) KMHT
14 XKE Special (Sig) (pad) KJR
15 Skyliner (Sig) (pad) KONO
16 It's a Blast (Sig) It's a blast! KWOC
17 TGIF TGIF Whoopee! Thank goodness it's fun with (Sig) KIOA
18 Weekend ID Live! This weekend, where the action is (Sig) KOZA
19 Weekend Special In (City), we pamper people, so won't you unwind your weekend with us (long pad for talkover) you'll find the fun radiates around (Sig) KFWB
20 Morning Go Sig Good morning, the world is bright and new, sit tight and you'll be right with  (Sig) KSEL
21 You're a Winner You're a winner with (Sig) KLIF