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1 Highland Park's colors are on display, blue and gold, hooray hooray! Highland Park's team is A-OK, the Scots are swingin' all the way with KLIF 1190. Yea, Scots! CHUM
2 Yea Spruce High. The red and blue of Spruce High are tried and true. They'll do or die 'cause KLIF 1190 digs the Apaches. WCAO
3 Charge! Spirited Cougars in green and white guard Brian Adams and really fight. KLIF 1190 digs the Cougars! Charge! WAYS
4 Blue, white, yea, Addison Leopards. Addison Senior High is worthy of praising. Addison Senior High believes in trail blazing with KLIF 1190, yea, Leopards. KFJZ
5 Hillcrest Panthers, yea! We're from Hillcrest High proud of it and here's why. The scarlet and white are always right with KLIF 1190. Hillcrest Panthers go scarlet and white! WMMN
6 Yea, Rebels! The Thomas Jefferson Rebels are here. They're big and strong and have no fear. The blue and red will stay ahead with KLIF 1190, setting the race. Yea, Rebels! WGR
7 On your mark, get set, ready, go. KLIF 1190 with the blue and scarlet Knights of Campbell High School. WHB
8 Orange, white, Bulldogs. North Dallas High plays a winning game but the victory cry is just not the same without KLIF 1190. Yea! Go Bulldogs! WHLO
9 Gold, white, fight, fight, fight. The South Oakcliff Golden Bears are fighting to victory with KLIF 1190. Yea, Golden Bears. WHYN
10 Sunset! Cheers for the purple and white, they always win a fight. We mean the Bisons of Sunset High School. 'Takes a bell ringer to know a real swinger. KLIF 1190. Yea, Bisons, fo, Sunset! KLIF
11 WW Samuels Senior High. Cheer those Spartans do or die. Who can, you can, get 'em told? Spartans fight for the blue and gold. KLIF 1190. Spartans fight! KFJZ
12 Yea Wildcats! The crimson and silver of Woodrow Wilson High School has the spirit to make 'em do or die says KLIF 1190. WXYZ
13 Black, orange and white, will really fight. Carol City High, will do or die. The perfect combination, the Chief's  favorite station, Wonderful WQAM, and Carol City High. WQAM
14 Yea, Wolves. Maroon and white are the colors of the Wolves from Grozier Tech. We delight in a challenge and we're gonna win by heck. KLIF 1190 gives a cheer for Grozier Tech maroon, white Wolves. WKKO
15 Yea Falcons. Bishop Dunn is proud of the red and blue. Bishop Dunn, we're really countin' on you. KLIF 1190 digs the Falcons. KONO
16 Yea, Jesuit High! Fight for the blue and gold. The Rangers are in command the situation is well in hand with KLIF 1190 and Jesuit High! Yea, big J. KVIM
17 Yea, Wilmer Hutchins Eagles! Wilmer Hutchins blue and white always do it right, day and night. The Eagles always stay in tune with KLIF 1190. Yea, Eagles. WROD
18 Yea, Mesquite High. The mighty maroon and white will win the big fight. With the 'Skeeters' victory cry. Go Go, Mesquite High with KLIF 1190. Yea, Mesquite! KFJZ
19 Yea, Eagles. Richardson High's purple and white make their opponents wish they could fight. Everyone knows that the Eagles fly higher with KLIF 1990. Keep 'em flyin' high, yea, Eagles! WLAV
20 Two, four, six, eight, who do we, appreciate? The Duncanville Panthers are on a tear in blue and crimson, a perfect pair. KLIF 1190 and Duncanville High! WHB
21 Yea. Dragons. Cedarville High School really fights. With the dragons of blue and white. KLIF 1190 is with us all the way! CHUM
22 Look out for the black and gold. Make way cause our Tigers are bold. Irving Senior High Tigers will do or die. KLIF 1190 is pulling with us! KVIM
23 Green, gold, James Madison High Trojans fight. Tonight's the night, we're right with KLIF 1190. Green, gold, yea Trojans! WHB
24 Yea, Tigers! Lincoln High Fighting Tigers, purple and white are raring' to go go go. KLIF 1190, yea, Tigers. WHLO
25 Red and white. Hamilton Park Bobcats are a mighty breed. Beware their brute strength and beware their speed. KLIF 1190 digs Hamilton Park. WXYZ
26 Yea blue. Yea white. Roosevelt Mustangs dressed in blue and white, twist around and around but never lets go in a fight because KLIF 1190 digs the Mustangs. CHUM
27 Yea crimson, yea gray. Booker T. Washington High. Go go Booker T. You can win with ease. KLIF 1190 really digs the crimson and gray. Go, Bulldogs, go! KISN
28 We're known as the Hurricanes in red, white and black. Our great team will never turn back. Northeast High fights to win with Wonderful WQAM. Yea. Hurricanes! (My high school!) WQAM