Cut Cut Name Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 Animated Time Our time is your time (Sig) KLO
2 TD Logo (Instrumental redo of Sig) WCAO
3 Station Image Logo You're with (1st half of Sig) where it's what's between the music that counts…(Last half of Sig) WIBG
4 Trumpet Montage Logo (Instrumental redo of Sig) KBOX
5 Fred Lowery - High and Mighty Logo (Instrumental redo of Sig) KOME
6 First half Spot Breaker (Instrumental redo of first half of Sig) WCCM
7 Ethereal Logo   KISN
8 Mandolin Logo (Instrumental redo of Sig) KOIL
9 Broadway Logo (Sig) KYA
10 Harpsichord Logo (Instrumental redo of Sig) KYLE
11 Drive Along - Sing Along Logo Drive along and sing along with (Sig) WAYS
12 News Headlines (Pre-record - not personalized for station)
13 Magic Music There's magic in the music, listen close. The music comes alive with sounds you know on (Sig) WCAO
14 Second Half Spot Breaker (Instrumental redo of last half of Sig) WUBE
15 What's It Like Outside (Call) what's it like outside? KCBD
16 Animated Rhythm The city comes alive with swingin' sound
just dig the crazy rhythm of the town on (Sig)
17 Mancini Logo (Instrumental redo of Sig) KBOX
18 The Station That Knows the Score This is (1st half of Sig) the station that knows the score, (Last half of Sig) KHER
19 News Open and Background (Pre-record - not personalized for station)
20 Let's Duet Teenagers do it, grown-ups do it, even itty-bitty kids do it, all listen to (Sig) WHB
21 Big Band Logo (Instrumental redo of Sig) KBOX
22 Flag Waver Logo (Sig) (pad for copy) helping to make democracy live in the greatest country in the world, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. KAYC
23 Peabody Logo (Instrumental redo of Sig) KISN
24 Fred Lowery - Mockingbird Logo Listen to the mockingbird (bird trills first half of station sig) Listen to the mockingbird (bird trills last half of sig) on (Sig) WXYZ
25 Mambo Logo (Instrumental redo of Sig) WCAO
26 Big Brass Logo (Sig) WDGY
27 Community Image Logo This is the (City) address, (Sig) of the people, by the people and for the people KFJZ