Cut Cut Name Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 Logo With Tempera-Tones (Sig) KONO
2 Blue Skies Blue skies smiling for you (Sig) WARM
3 Let It Snow Gonna snow, gonna snow, gonna snow, (Sig) WSBA
4 Singing In the Rain Swinging in the rain, (Sig) KXOK
5 Foggy Day A foggy day, (Sig) WCOL
6 There'll Be a Change In the Weather There'll be a change in the weather for (Sig) KLIF
7 Time & Temperature Logo (1st half of sig) Time (2nd half of sig) Temperature KELP
8 Weekend Weather Word (Sig) with the weekend weather word WHLO
9 Winter Wonderland We're swinging in a winter wonderland (Sig) WIBG
10 It's Always Fair Weather It's always fair weather when good listeners get together with (Sig) WICE
11 Stormy Weather Stormy weather, (Sig) CKEY
12 Activity Forecast This is (Call) we're weather watching with you. Yes, everything under the sun becomes twice as much fun with (Sig) WKMH
13 Rain Logo (Sig) WTIX
14 Heat Wave We're having a heat wave, (Sig) WMEX
15 Good Ol' Summertime It's the good ol' summertime on (Sig) WEBC
16 Weather Intro Dependable (Sig) with the weather for (City) WAYS
17 Button Up Your Overcoat Button up your overcoat, (Channel nn) WDGY
18 Flying Conditions High flying (Call)…flying conditions
(Full sig may be used at the beginning of this jingle to replace the "high flying (Call)")
19 You Are My Sunshine There's lots of sunshine in (City) with (Sig) KPOJ
20 It's a Good Day Oh, it's a good day, (Sig) WIL