Cut Cut Name Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 Gene Klaven, Dee Finch for WNEW (pad) Here's Klaven and Finch WKIX
2 KFWB Channel 98 presents the Gene Weed Program (Pad)
The weed that grows on radio Gene Weed
3 It's the Dick Biondi Show (pad) Hey Dick is everything go? (Pad)
WLS in Chicago…the man of music, in the Midwest
4 Bill Drake (Pad) KYA San Francisco, here's Bill WMEX
5 Here's Big Ben, Big Ben Laurie, pride of the Alamo, he's all set to go
(Pad) Big Ben! (pad) KONO Dial 86, here's Ben
6 Have no fear, the Beard's here, on big KLIF  (Pad)
He's the knight, man what a sight, the Weird Beard (pad)
KLIF 11-90 The Weird Beard
7 Here's Sam Seaburg…all night long…all night long…yours truly WHB with Sam …all night long…all night long…
come on Sam, say something, let's get this show on the road
8 Presentation KFWB Channel 98 proudly presents CFCF
9 Hollywood Report Let's go to Hollywood with KLIF 11-90 And the Jimmy Fidler Hollywood Report KISN