Cut Cut Name Lyrics / Description Station Listen
0 New Frontier Theme PAMS Series 17 Intro PAMS
1 Trombone Signature (Instrumental with theme and signature) WJBK (I)

2 You Can Depend On You can depend on (Call) (theme and half of signature) WGLB
3 Smooth Sailing It's smooth sailing with the highly successful sound of (Sig) KFJZ
4 Facts Are Fun Listen and learn, learn and listen, the facts are fun on (Call) WMAY
5 It's the Thing To Do Have you ever heard a happier sound, (Call). It's in the air all around the town, (Call).
Come along, sing a song, you'll find it'll work for you. In (City) it's the thing to do, listen to (Call).
6 Sell Your Salesman If you want to sell in (City), if you want to tell everybody what you've got, Radio's the way to do it, (Saleman) is the guy that's hot.
To help you get ahead, help you sell 'em, knock'em dead.
He can help you sell anything large or small,
Phone (Salesman) right away, call (Sig).
7 News Pre-record (instrumental contains theme) KQV
8 News Bulletin Pre-record (instrumental contains theme) London
9 News Headlines Pre-record (instrumental contains theme) KIOA
10 Spot Coverage Pre-record (instrumental contains theme) London
11 New Frontier Fanfare Pre-record (instrumental contains theme) KQV
12 Agricultural Spot Intro Now it's time for the agricultural report on (Call) WTUF
13 Guitar Sig #1 (instrumental with signature) CKEY
14 Whistling Signature (signature whistled under call letters) (Sig)
W=Whistling. V= vocal, no whistling,

15 Subliminal Signature (instrumental signature) WMPS
16 Guitar Sig #2 (instrumental with signature) KLUE
17 Up, Up, Up Up, up, up, turn your volume up a little and I'll bet you never turn it down. Up, up, up, goes your listening enjoyment when you hear the (Nickname) swingin' sound.
Everybody likes (varies), (Call).
18 Invitation (Call) reminds you, go to the church of your choice WDGY
19 Inspriational Pre-record (instrumental background of inspirational message) Pre-Record
20 Church Notes Pre-record (background music for church bulletins, activities, etc.) Pre-record
21 Lush Orchestra Theme (instrumental string version of theme) KPOJ (I)

22 Waltz Signature (Sig) KPEL
23 Piano Signature (Sig over sweeping strings) KXOK
24 Bell Signature (signature played instrumentally following theme) WKLO
25 Editorial Pre-record (instrumental background music for editorials, contains theme) KAAY
26 Latin Signature (contains signature and theme) KLIF
27 Brass Theme Pre-record (instrumental) Pre-Record
28 Trumpet Signature (instrumental) WPTR (I)

29 Voice and Trumpet Blend (contains signature and theme, no lyrics) (Some do have lyrics) WERE (I)

30 Public Service Intro (Sig) performs another public service in the public interest WSBA
31 Public Servant Number One (Sig), your public servant number one KEZY
32 Community On Parade (instrumental background for civic activities,etc. Lyrics Vary by station) WPET
33 Entertainment Billboard (Call) Entertainment Billboard (Pad contains instrumental sig)
(Ending lyrics vary)
34 March Tempo (Sig) CKPR
35 Semi-Sig (Last half of sig) KIMN
36 Ballad of Your City Customized ballad for station's city WXEL
37 Theme Montage In Brass Pre-Record (Not Customized for station) Pre-Record
38 New Frontier Series 17 theme WMGM