Cut Cut Name Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 Sound of the City (Call) the sound of (City) The pulse of the people sets our pace
(Call) radio is really radi-you and you and you and and you yes.
(sig) the sound of (city)
2 Short ID (sig) (city) 6KYNA
3 Nutty Sig (pad) (sig) KAYC
3A Nutty Sig (Regular speed) (pad) (sig) presents the rainbow riot WLOB
4 Salute (sig) We'd like to tip our hat KDSX
5 Scat Sig (no lyrics) WTUF
6 Tango It takes two to radio (sig) and you KELP
7 Feature (sig) would like to ask you, do you remember, do you remember (pad) WACO
8 Scores (sig) scores again KONO
9 A capella (Vocal sig) the sound of (city) WISM
10 Basie ID (sig) KBOX
11 News Action Central News for greater (city) WZOO
12 Let's Go Let's go (sig), Let's go, go, go-go-go, Let's go KIMN
Cuts 13-18, "Moneymakers" are pre-records not usually customized for the station)
13 Bowling Let's go bowling today, chase your blues the easy way... PR
14 Restaurant Let's go to a restaurant for a special treat, let's go to a restaurant ... PR
15 Movie Let's go to the show, we're in a mood for a movie tonight... PR
16 Automobile Let's go look at a new car, there's nothing like a new car... PR
17 Houses Come on, let's go look at houses, you'll own your own home some day... PR
18 Buy, Buy Let's go buy something, try something new, don't you think we should... PR
19 Vacation (sig) invites you to take a minute and put a vacation in it WCPO
20 Sun Spot (First half of sig) the sun spot, the one spot (last half of sig) KUDL
21 Place In the Sun Your place in the sun (first half of sig) just for fun (last half of sig) WKLO
22 Summertime From your sun spot, here's the summertime (pad) t-t-time to go! KISN
22A Summertime (Year Round) From yours truly, here's the swingin' time (pad)  t-t-time to go! WPOP
23 Degrees From your sun spot, dig these degrees (pad) we're hot too, go! CHED
23A Degrees (Regular Version) From yours truly, here's the temperature (pad) and now, let's go! KNOW
24 Cool summer Sounds Cool summer sounds, Cool summer sounds (sig) WKDA
25 You're Sun Set You are sun set to the sun spot (last half of sig) KKJO
26 Sounds of summer (Pre-Records not customized for station
27A Song of the City "Had a Ball" Customized lyrics for city "I had a ball in..." WPTR
27B Song of the City "My Home Town" Customized lyrics for city "Let me tell you about my home town..." KVLC