Cut Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 Yea! Camden High! We're all sold on the purple Avalanche and we've heard it told that WIP digs purple and gold. Yea, Camden! CHUM
2 Yea, Wildcats! Mayfield green and white, Mayfield kids delight, Mayfield
we got the swingingest cats in sight. Wildcats! WHK is proud to say,
they're with the Wildcats all the way. They dig Mayfield's Wildcats.
3 Wilson High red and white. Flash bam, alakazam, gee what a noisy fight.
The Redmen sound that way, fightin' with all their might. WDGY is a bell-ringer, ringin' that bell for a humdinger. Wilson High Redmen!
4 Yea! Yellow Jackets blue and gold. Center High School follows the golden rule. Center High never gets old for the Yellow Jackets blue and gold. Yea! We got a swingin' crew, singing and a' swingin' in whatever we do. WHB is really sold on the Yellow Jackets blue and gold. Yea, Center! WABB
5 White Station High School green and white Spartans fight and fight. We will win with 68. White Station White Station, will win with WMPS. Yea, team! Fight! WALT
6 South Broward High School! Yea, Bulldogs! A victory will unfold for the red and gold and WQAM's glad we all enrolled. Red and gold, Bulldogs, we're swingin' and singin'. South Broward High School bells are ringin'. WKIX
7 Pioneers! Yea! Kirkwood Pioneers really can fight. Kirkwood Pioneers fight for the red and white. Tune to WIL, they dig the Pioneers. Yea, we're diggin' you too. Kirkwood Pioneers, Kirkwood Pioneers. Yea, Pioneers! KIMN
8 Count those Lions flyin' by, Lions! Blue and red high in the sky, Lions. Lots of fun with Castleberry High's Lions. Castleberry High, do or die. It's easy as pie, the victory cry, the station to wish us well is KXOL. Yea, Lions! WLEE
9 Yea, Trappers! Fort Vancouver red and white, we fight and fight. For the Trappers we live life right both day and night. Dig the swingin' group, what a pair. KISN and Port Vancouver's red and white Trappers. Fort Vancouver Trappers. "Kissin" and Fort Vancouver High. CHUM
10 Everybody at Lindbloom goes for WJJD. Everybody at Lindbloom's a swinger, you and me. Maroon and gold Eagles will win for Lindbloom. Yea, Eagles! WING
11 Central high Cardinals! Yea, team! Cardinals in red and black, a real great bunch all sharp as a tack. Central High School never turns back. Cardinals! On your mark, get set, ready, go… all the way with KOMA. KIOA
12 Royal blue, white! Yea, Leopards! We've a school that's second to none. We're the Leopards from Adamson. We're number one with KBOX. Royal blue and white, yea! Adamson. Royal blue, white, yea, Leopards. WCOL
13 Fayetteville Manlius Central High, we can win easy as pie. WNDR says we're one of the best. Yea, Hornets, we pass the test. Fayetteville Manlius Central High. Alpine green! White! Yea, Hornets! Fight! KRIC
14 East! West! South! North High School is really sold on blue and gold. KOIL sees eye to eye with the blue and gold Vikings from North High. WLOF
15 Beat it on a tom-tom, write it in smoke. We've got the spirit and we're goin' for broke. We're the Warriors of Bass High, liftin' our voices straight to the sky for the blue and gold will go go go, and whoop it up with WPLO. WCOL
16 Berman High green and gold. We're the Bees, WTIX is sold on Berman green and gold. Yea, Bees! WKIX
17 Yea! We're the Blackshirts, we're doin' all right. We're always swingin' in red and white. We got the pep at Waukesha High. We're on our way now right up to the sky. And when we want to hear good music, we dig WRIT. WING
18 Saint Augustine, it's real keen. It's the favorite of every team. XEAK is really sold when the Saints go marching in purple and gold. Fight! WALT
19 Austin High School is the best. Austin High School, we pass any test. Maroon and white will do all right with WJJD. Maroon and White Tigers, Austin High, fight! WPRO
20 In Boston blue and gold are the colors of the big and bold Bishops from Archbishop Williams High. Bishops! To dig swingin' sounds they all agree
tune 1150 WCOP.