Cut Cut Name Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 Billboard It's here!!! Living Radio
It's here!!! Living Radio
Living radio offers you
Sounds to live by
News as it happens is living news
Sports! Come alive
So listen and get the facts of life
It's entertaining, enlightening, exciting, exhilarating
Live with (Call) it's guaranteed for life
2 Short ID (Sig) KIOA
3 Memory Melody Remember, you heard it, probably danced to it
A long time ago
Now's your chance to relive it with Living Radio
Remember (pad) (Sig)
4 Happiness Habit Hi, hello, what d'ya know
How are things going for you?
We've got the happiness habit
And we want you happy, too
Summer, winter, autumn, spring
Morning, noon and night
Live with (Call) and we'll see they treat you right
So dig this cheerful earful, get the happiness habit faster
Live with (Call) and we'll all live happily ever after (Sig)
5 Living Season Leaves are turning gold and the air is washed with rain
Jack Frost covers all the trees with icy cellophane
That wonderful living season of the year (Sig)
6 Weekend Another weekend is here, so if you're on the go
And living it up with Living Radio
WABC will keep you company all the day
So whether you loaf or work or play Tune (Sig)
7 Rat Race Do you hurry, hurry, hurry and still worry?
Are you so busy, busy, busy that you're dizzy?
If you're an unwilling participant in the rat race
The pace killing? Do an about face.
To hear good music is therapeutic
So if you've had it, just form this habit
Live with (Call), it's guaranteed for life (Sig)
8 Slow Down and Live Slow down and live, and let live with (Sig) KVON
9 Weather Here's your truly (Sig) With the weather WHK
10 One Jump Ahead You're always one, two, three jumps ahead
Stick with us you'll be well fed
With happy music all the while, easy listenin'
With a smile, keep jumping, follow suit, you're
Gonna have a bright new future, (Sig)
11 Top Tune All the DJs say, this one's on its way
It's the cream of the crop, it's the pick of the pops.
Here's tomorrow's top tune today (sig)
12 Living radio Living Radio in (City) (Sig) KOIL
13 Status Quo Are you constantly on the go?
Trying to improve your status quo?
Well good for you lots o' luck
But you need help when makin' a buck
Keep in the know with Living Radio
Keep on the go with Living Radio
On your mark, get set, ready, go With (Sig)
14 Holiday Holiday season, holiday season
A wonderful sparkle in the air
What a rare time of year, so great to be alive
It's holiday time, holiday season With (Sig)
15 Living Conditions Would you be so kind, Mr.___
As to tell us the time…
The temperature…
How about the humidity…
Well, no matter what the weather, the living
Couldn't be better, so live, live, live with (Sig)
16 Sports (Pad) Sports come alive with (Sig) WGRY
17 Exotic Get a new lease on life… with (Sig) KONO
18 Sound of Success (Sig)  Presents the sweet sound of success
The tune voted best
The number one tune in New York this week
19 Live and Learn (Pad) You live and learn when you listen all day to (Sig) KDOK
20 News (Call) Living news WISH
21 Be Our Guest (Pad) (Sig)  KSYD
22 Live It Up Have a Ball Live it up, have a ball
There's a great new day coming to call
Live it up, come on get with it
If you dig livin', well live it
Live it up the livelong day with
(Sig) Live it up!!!!!