Cut Cut Name Lyrics / Description Station Listen
1 Sig A Sig (The station's Signature) WAKY
2 The Word (Musical Pad)
That's the latest, you've heard the word (sig)
3 Latin Sig (Musical pad) (sig) KTOP
4 Sig B (sig) WNOE
5 Weather A (Musical Pad) Listen, Listen to the weather on (sig) KNOE
6 Pick Hit Here's a record that's gonna be big
Gonna be big across the nation
Here's the inside information
the pick hit of the week
(Musical pad) (sig)
7 Go, Go, Go When you step, step, step on the gas
Why not go, go, go first class
With million dollar music, and all the facts man
Instant weather and something special (sig)
8 Jazz Sig (Musical pad) (sig) WPOP
9 Blast Off 4-3-2-1 It's blast off time on (frequency)
We're going into orbit (sig)
10 Sports Scoreboard (sig) Sports scoreboard WABB
11 Public Service (Musical pad)  Another public service from (sig) WPEO
12 Weather B Whether the weather is stormy or clear
You'll get the latest reports right here, so listen (sig)
13 Golden record Time for a golden record (Musical pad) (sig) WCPO
14 Thanks This is (sig) Thanks for tuning us in KIXZ
15 Sig C (sig) (slow version) KGMB
16 Get Up and Go Get up and go, go, go everybody
With radiant radio, hey, hey
Get up and go, go, go
We're with you all the way (sig)
17 Likewise (Call letters) (sig) Groovy! KNUZ
18 News (6 second instrumental open)
(5 minute pad) (usually omitted)
(12 second vocal close)
(call letters and news slogan)