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Christmas Seasonal Package

  • 5 Shopping Days

  • 4 Shopping Days (Missing)


  • 3 Shopping Days (Missing)


  • 2 Shopping Days (Missing)


  • 1 Shopping Day (Missing)


  • Tonight is Christmas Eve (Missing)


  • Today is Christmas Day (Missing)


  • Hark

  • Jingle Bells

  • Season's Best

  • Let's Sing (Missing)


  • Happy New Year (Missing)


The above jingles are taken from air checks  and are very bad quality.
If you have copies of any of these, please contact me.

Email: WQAM@560.com





WQAM Jingles Needed!!!

The following WQAM jingle packages are needed.

  • Ullman "One-derful"
  • PAMS Series 25B "The Happy Difference" Sonovox version.
  • PAMS Series 25D "Cheerleaders" Sung with Male vocals
  • The 1963 package of jingles sung by a group called the Skipjacks.
    It may have been a series called "Station Break" by Tucker productions. There are over 1000 cuts including a complete set of time and temperature jingles replacing the Futursonic jingles.
  • Pepper "Fun" Series
  • CRC Series 34? Holiday Series
  • Futursonic Time and Temperature Jingles (Used in the early sixties for the automation)
  • PAMS Series 17 "The New Frontier" (The instrumental cuts.)
  • PAMS Series 18 "Sonosational" (The instrumental cuts are needed)


If you have ANY WQAM jingles or airchecks or other production please contact:
WQAM_email_circle  WQAM@560.com
so we can make arrangements for obtaining dubs or copies.





WQAM_email_circle  Email: WQAM@560.com

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