Charlie Murdock

WQAM_Murdock-SockHop, Homestead, 1959-320x

WQAM-Charlie, Martha Sue and Ceiel, Aug 1960-320x

Sock Hop 1959

With Martha Sue 1960

WQAM-Murdock-Rustic Roller Rink, 1960-320x

WQAM-Murdock,Perez at dance-320x

WQAM-Murdock and Preez in Hialeah, 1961-320x

Rustic Roller Rink 1960

With Perez at Dance, Hialeah 1961

WQAM-Charlie Murdock,Tiger Mustang March 1965-650x

The Tiger Radio Mustang March 1965

Charlie MurdockAndRingoEdit

Charlie Murdock and Ringo Starr
September 11, 1964


Charlie Murdock's Business Card
Above 2 items courtesy of Timi Most

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WQAM Jingles Needed!!!

I am looking for the following WQAM jingle packages. I will trade for them or pay cash for dubs.
If you have ANY WQAM jingles (or other prduction or airchecks) please contact me:

WQAM_email_circle  Email: WQAM@560.com

  • PAMS Series 17 "The New Frontier" (I am missing many cuts, especially the instrumental cuts.)
  • PAMS Series 18 "Sonosational" (I am missing many of the instrumental cuts.)
  • PAMS Series 25B "The Happy Difference" Sonovox version. (I need the entire package).
  • PAMS Series 25D "Cheerleaders" Sung with Male vocals (I need the entire package)
  • PAMS Series 28 "Happiness Is" (Missing several cuts.)
  • Ullman "Onederful" (I need the entire package)
  • Futursonic or CRC Time and Temperature Jingles (Used in the early sixties for the automation     (I need all)
  • Pepper "Fun" (I need the entire package)
  • CRC Christmas Series (I need the entire package)
  • The 1963 package of jingles sung by a group called the Skipjacks. It may have been a series called "Station Break" by Tucker productions. There are over 1000 cuts including a complete set of time and temperature jingles replacing the Futursonic jingles.






WQAM_email_circle  Email: WQAM@560.com

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